By: Mary Trebilco

Spice Up Your Lawn With These Landscaping Ideas

Just as a good haircut frames your face, a good landscaping job frames your home throughout the seasons. Unlike many other forms of yardwork, landscaping doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether you do all the landscaping yourself or hire someone, it’s a chance for you to express your creativity while showcasing your home. Here are some ideas to consider as you plan your garden design.

Strategically Choose the Types of Plants You’ll Be Using
As you plan your garden and landscaping plants, be sure to choose plants that grow well in your area. You might look at neighboring gardens for inspiration. If there’s a local horticultural society, you can walk in and ask to speak to a plant expert. He or she can help you decide on some garden plants that will grow well.

In addition, be sure you take into account the spaces you’ll be landscaping. Are you planning on planting in a shaded area? Somewhere with full sun? Research plants to determine what plants grow well in which spaces. The goal of landscaping is to have plants that thrive where they’re placed.

In addition, consider the seasons in which each plant blooms, if applicable. Most people want a garden that looks alive year-round, so it often is wise to have a mixture of winter or year-round plants (like holly bushes, for example) alongside seasonal bloomers (like azaleas).

Sketch Out Flowerbeds, Etc.
Plan out your space – you want to assess your lawn as a whole before you start digging and planting, not after. It’s a good idea to draw out a simple map that is roughly to scale. Experiment with different plant placements – do you want a tree-lined driveway? A flower garden by the porch? Think about whether you want a wavy-edged flowerbed or a rectangular one.

Again, looking at other landscapes, whether in person, online, or in magazines can be a great way to figure out what you like in a landscape, as well as what you don’t like.

Plan Your Borders and Accents
In the course of planning a landscape, borders are often overlooked. They can, however, be a finishing touch. Some people prefer no structural border – the edge of the garden just blends into the rest of the lawn. Others prefer a brick or stone wall, sometimes one covered in ivy. Others prefer a walkway. You also can plan out any extras – some people like a koi pond in the center of a garden. Others want a birdbath or statues.

Essentially, the best high end landscapes are well-planned, lasting, and complement your existing home. Don’t be afraid to take your time planning, researching, and seeking out advice.

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